Wednesday, July 16th

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Traffic Art Space and Edelman Arts

cordially invite you to a reception celebrating the opening of


Pictorial narratives created from vintage press photographs


Murray Moss

“A press photograph is defined by its function, which is to infuse a text with visual meaning in the telling of a news story.” Murray Moss writes in his introduction. Assembled from his own collection of archival annotated prints acquired from the photo morgues of a moribund newspaper industry, he writes, “these original photographs are for the first time shown without the newspaper text they were originally intended to accompany. “I have paired each image, at my own discretion, with another image, putting them in dialogue, and in the process creating a new narrative—a new life, a third story, a tertium quid.”

Opening Reception
Wednesday, July 16th
6pm to 8pm

TAS/Edelman Arts
136 East 74th Street

Exhibition on view through August 15th